An image of the Nadia Elnagdy Family

Sometimes all it takes is an extra hand and a smile to brighten someone’s day. For Wesley Elnagdy, a preschool student at St. Anthony Community Services, this was all it took to turn his preschool experience into a happy series of memories. 

It doesn’t take much for our staff to spring into action when they see a student, and before coming to SANB, Wes didn’t have a positive preschool experience which worried his parents, prompting them to explore other options.

Nadia Elnagdy, Wes’s mom, couldn’t express how much the Early Childhood team meant to Wes in those first few days. 

“Wes was literally a whole new kid after his very first day in your class. He came home excited again, and I can't adequately express how much that meant to us.”

In addition to providing a stellar attitude and positive learning environment, the Early Childhood team was attentive, inclusive and respectful to Wes, the new student.

“It's obvious the teachers at Early Childhood care deeply for the kids and their growth and we've seen the positive impact being in this environment has had on Wes,” said Elnagdy. 


This behavior perfectly exemplifies the kind of caring, supportive staff we strive to be in our school community. By providing this transformational learning experience for Wes, it allowed him and fellow students to engage more with their teachers, staff members and friends in an open and inviting space. 

At St. Anthony - New Brighton Schools, we believe in the brilliance of each student and embrace them with audacious love and uncommon trust. We commend the Early Childhood team for embracing Wes and the classroom at heart level, seeing his intrinsic value and valuing his purpose, voice and choice. 

After all, it takes a Village!