An image of senior Mudit Jha reading a book

What student do you know that’s already written parts of their own book before 18 years of age? One of our students is doing just this, and taking his learning to a whole new level. 

Mudit Jha, rising senior at St. Anthony Village High School (SAVHS), wants to revolutionize student minds by taking knowledge learned in the classroom and making actual meaning out of it. 

“I always felt that the way I was learning in the classroom, whether it was in an international school in India, or a public school like St. Anthony Village High School, was a little flawed,” Jha said.  Jha is an Indian national but lives in the United States with his family. 

His project is called Dreamers Abyss – a student-led website that showcases student work through podcasts, blogs and courses designed to build a motivated, curious and creative student community across the country.  

“Rather than just retaining information, I wanted to explore ways to go beyond the classroom and make studying more enjoyable and meaningful,” Jha said. 

Dreamers Abyss started the project in the United States, but the vision came to life when he worked alongside his previous schoolmate, Suyash Handa, who helped him code the site and create branding for the project.

As the work progressed and the website launched, Jha was contacted by students who also had similar enthusiasm and passion about their projects and who wanted to share them. Through this, Jha said, he discovered that learning is truly a life-long investment.  

“Students are more engaged when they encounter different methods of teaching that go beyond reading/writing,” Jha explained. “Once students stop worrying about tests and grades, they start to view learning as a lifelong journey that goes beyond school.”

While Jha chose a more rigorous approach to his education outside of the classroom, he was impacted by his teachers who motivated him to continue his studies. Jha credits English teacher Mr. Haugen and Psychology teacher Mr. Victorine as positive influences for his creative expression.

“I developed a deeper comprehension, started to express my thoughts clearly and found an unexpected passion for writing and reading,” Jha said. “ In the end, the teachers that I interact with have influenced me in the most positive ways.” 

St. Anthony - New Brighton Schools seeks to nurture the brilliance of each student, inspiring lifelong learners to pursue their passions beyond the walls of the classroom. Jha embodies our mission with the utmost enthusiasm, and understands that while the world is not yet fully known, deeper, relevant learning can lead to transformational learning experiences. 

Great work, Jha! We’re proud of you and know you will continue to be Ever Brighter. 

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