This is an image of Leah Slye, school board director

Hello! I am Leah Slye. My husband Terry and I moved to St. Anthony in 1986 because we heard about the small, caring community with good schools. Our four children, Laura, Daniel, Jonathan and Benjamin, attended SANB schools K-12 and are enjoying fulfilling careers and community engagement. Terry and I are blessed with six delightful, active grandchildren. And the legacy continues, as grandson Jensen is in first grade at Wilshire Park Elementary. I think it is extra special that his wonderful teacher, Krista Sorgatz, was in Daniel’s class, and another classmate of his, 5th grade teacher Dan Kaczrowski, was also in that class. I love that several alumni have returned to the district to teach and inspire another generation. Terry and I love to travel, learning about other cultures and meeting people with experiences different from ours. For fun, I enjoy photography, biking, kayaking, and spending time with friends. 

I volunteered in the schools in a variety of ways through the years. In 2003, a small group of community members began lobbying legislators about a bill that would financially help several school districts, including ours. After a few years the bill passed, bringing at that time $400,000 of state funding per year to District 282. With that experience, I decided serving on the school board was another way I could participate in providing excellent educational opportunities in our community. While my children were well prepared for college and beyond, I wanted to build on that foundation to make those opportunities even better, more consistent, and more inclusive. 

I am so appreciative of the emphasis the SANB staff has on providing rigorous, relevant, education wrapped in authentic relationships. They are cultivating in students vital 21st century skills, like critical thinking, effective communication, collaboration, and creativity. I believe every child has unique, amazing abilities and interests that education can help them discover and develop. Our job as a school board is to ensure our educators have the tools and support they need to do that valuable work. Thank you, teachers and support staff, for your hard work and genuine care for students. 

I have enjoyed working with fellow board members whose highest goal is to do what is best for students and what is best for staff, reflecting community values. Often, that requires creative coordination of limited financial resources during the budgeting process. We discuss and set district goals and strategic directions. This year, I am serving as the Wilshire Park representative. I am also serving on the Family Services Collaborative, Teaching & Learning: District & Community Committees, SANBE Endowment, and Q-Comp Committee. I greatly appreciate hearing from community members.

While I have had many valuable impromptu conversations in the aisles of Cub Foods and walking at Silverwood Park, more reliable ways to get in touch with me are via email ( and phone (612-781-3982).  Thank you!