Today, the district was notified that Cub Pharmacy will not be able to fulfill the vaccination clinic planned for Nov. 15. This is due to an unfortunate error on their end. 

As an alternative, they are offering a vaccination clinic (children ages 5-11) that will run from 4-8:30 p.m., on Monday, Nov. 22, at Wilshire Park Elementary School, 3600 Highcrest Rd NE.

This clinic is only available for children (ages 5-11) that are either SANB students or children of SANB staff. This is due to the district prioritizing in-person learning.

We understand the disappointment this causes for our families. Cub Pharmacy will be providing at least 230 vaccinations at this upcoming clinic— I have requested that they increase this number. Cub Pharmacy said they will do their best to increase the number of slots available prior to releasing the registration link. 

We anticipate the registration link becoming available on/or before Wednesday, Nov. 17. We will share it with families as soon as it is ready.

As a reminder, regardless of vaccination status, any individual who enters our school buildings or rides school-provided transportation is required to wear a mask. 

Thank you for your patience and understanding. Please stay tuned for updates.

Lori Watzl-King, RN, Licensed School Nurse
District Wellness Coordinator